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This is the official website of the indie-pop band Disclaimer. It's written and maintained by Chris Willie Williams, who is Disclaimer. He doesn't really know how to do HTML very well at all, which is why everything looks so crappy. That thing at the top is the navigation bar. Explore!

All the news that's fit to eat

4/3/10: New MP3: "(The) Hale Boggs/Bopp," from the potentially forthcoming Disclaimer album They Burned for 18 Days. Go ahead and download it.

9/3/07: There's a Disclaimer MySpace page now. I held out as long as I could.

9/24/06: BIG NEWS! Okay, we here at Dessicant Records get it. Nine bucks is a little steep for you to risk on an album that, if many of the reviews linked below are any indication, may not be very good at all. That's an understandable point of view. So how 'bout $4.00? That's right! The price of Airbag has been more than halved! Simply click here to buy:

That's $4.00 including shipping! $4.00 including... well, alright, it's just a CD and shipping, but how much do you want for four dollars? Let's buy one!

Alternately, you can take a look at the journal section to check out the contest to win one of five free copies of Airbag! The contest is open until October 15, so get movin'!

12/17/05: Hussieskunk politely pans Airbag. I also seem to have forgotten to mention the one good review I've gotten in the past few months, somehow: Skratch really liked it. (You have to scroll down to "Disclaimer.")

8/25/05: "You Ruined Everything" is available on Shut Eye Records' new compilation Buzzlighter 10: Direct Connections. It's listed on the back cover as "You Ruining Everything," but it's the same song.

7/24/05: Impact Press hates Airbag.

5/6/05: Tom Leins reviewed Airbag in Joy. (Scroll down to the eighth review on the page.) It's mostly another pan, but I love the review itself. Also, GD reviewed Airbag in Toxic Flyer, but they don't have a website, so here's the entire review: "With a diverse sound between BECK meeting XTC and RADIOHEAD some people will dig this band. Also you can hear a bit of electronica going on." Short and sweet.

4/19/05: Smother.net has reviewed Airbag.

3/6/05: Jason Motell has reviewed Airbag.

12/10/04: Alex Zaitsev has reviewed Stupid Airbag Thing.

9/9/04: Scott Floman has reviewed The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss.

8/30/04: The All Music Guide reviewed The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss here. They are not fond of it.

8/14/04: The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss has been reviewed in Splendid. Yay! Dave Madden gives it a so-so (but fair enough) review, but they're hosting a streaming clip of "You Ruined Everything," if you'd like to hear 33 seconds of that one.

4/5/04: Marco Ursi has reviewed The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss in Exclaim. (There's no way to directly link to the article on the Exclaim site, so Marco has thoughtfully posted a linkable version here.)

2/26/04: The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss is now in rotation on KJHK radio (90.7 FM in Lawrence, Kansas)! I have an impossibly crappy dial-up connection, so I haven't been able to get the station to successfully stream into my Michigan home, but perhaps those of you with fancier Internet access would like to give it a listen. And if any of you feel like calling the station and requesting one of my songs, that'd be rather nifty. If anyone happens to hear a Disclaimer song on any other radio station (most likely a college one), please lemme know when and where!

2/11/04: "Hell" is officially the 398th best single of 2003, according to the just-released Pazz & Jop 2003 poll in the Village Voice. I even kicked the ass of great songs by Ween, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Yo La Tengo! (By "kicked the ass of," I mean "got the same number of votes as, but appeared at least a dozen pages before thanks to the magic of alphabetical order.") And you can now buy The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss- and listen to two-minute sound samples of every song- on CDBaby: check it out here.

2/3/04: THIS IS IT!!! The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss is now for sale! It's only $9.00 $4.00! and there's at least nine four dollars' worth of musical goodness contained in its 40-odd minutes, so really, you can't afford not to buy one. Or several. If you're a US customer who's savvy to the whole PayPal payment phenomenon, you can buy one by simply clicking here:

Those of you who live elsewhere in the world or would like to use an alternate form of payment- or if you just want more information about your transaction- click here to get yerself some Airbag. Mmm! That's good Airbag!

1/18/04: Whuh?... And now CosmicBen has reviewed Bombs by Night, Balloons by Morning! Thank you, Lord-O-Mine!

1/16/04: CosmicBen has reviewed The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss! Here! Read!

1/15/04: Well, obviously I was a little premature in my previous update. We had a new monkey wrench in the manufacturing process (i.e., 2500 copies of The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss that were credited to the band "Disclaim"), but that's being rectified. Unless something else goes wrong, the album should be up for sale by the end of the month. This News section is really depressing to read all at once, isn't it? Anyway, for those of you who were wondering what my ex-girlfriend's roommate thinks of the album, she's sent a rebuttal to Steve Knowlton (on this page- scroll down to the reader comments at the bottom).

12/8/03: The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss will be officially up for sale in a week or two! Stay tuned! In other news, a brand-new Disclaimer song ("A Wish for Wings that Work [Unreliable Friend Mix]") is available on the WRC compilation A Critical Christmas, which is available from Steve Knowlton for $3.00. Or you can just download the song by right-clicking here. And read the lyrics on the Lyrics page. Whatever.

11/11/03: Okay, here's the deal: there has been artwork snafu after artwork snafu with Airbag. All my fault. But the album is on its way, I promise. This isn't going to be like that Guns 'n' Roses album that keeps getting promised and then delayed. The people at Oasis are patiently helping me redress these things, and so I'm now shooting for a January 2004 release date. And next time around, things will go a lot more smoothly, because I've learned valuable lessons. (Chief among which is, "Kinko's is useless.") Also, Guy Peters has just reviewed Bombs by Night, Balloons by Morning and The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss, so check it out!

10/10/03: Adrian Denning has kindly included an MP3 of "Please Pardon Our Progress"- my collaboration with Joe Hinchcliffe on The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss- in his new Downloads section. Some great songs from other artists on there, too (The Hector Collectors' tune being my favorite). Check it out, and thanks, Ade!

9/16/03: Finally mailed out the audio masters and artwork for The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss to be pressed and printed today! The nice people at Oasis CD Manufacturing said there's usually a turnaround time of about one month, so I guess we're looking at an actual release date sometime in late October or early November! Just in time for all the year-end "Best of 2003" lists! Or "Worst of 2003" lists.

9/1/03: To tide you monkeys over, I posted an MP3 of "Hell" from The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss on the appropriate page. (In the tracklisting section.) (Or you can just download it here by right-clicking on the thing that says, "MP3 of 'Hell'" right above this line.) Enjoy!

8/24/03: Added a link to Adrian Denning's kind review of The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss on the Press page. Check it out!

8/12/03: Added a link to Steve Knowlton's amazingly thorough glossary of The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss on the Press page. He caught everything!

8/9/03: Launched this wing of the site. I figured there should be some first-hand information about Disclaimer the band available on the Internet besides an out-of-date page on the Disclaimer Music Review Archive. And also, I needed a place to promote my upcoming album The Airbag's Lipstick Kiss, which should be available for purchase shortly. You can read some advance reviews of it on the Press page. Hopefully, the updates will be coming 2 fast 2 furious soon. Feel free to contact me with suggestions for things you'd like to see on the site, while it's still in its nascent state. (Requests for pictures of my own grisly demise will probably not be honored.)

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